AODA State Incentive Grant (SIG) Consultant Activities

Throughout 2009, and culminating in January, 2010, WIPPS program staff  led a strategic planning initiative that resulted in the creation of the Marathon County Alcohol and Drug Partnership Council–a coalition of over 130 medical and mental health professionals, educators, law enforcement officials, students, parents, and business and community representatives. WIPPS staff led a grant management team that applied for and received a multi-year $460,000 State Incentive Grant to enhance alcohol and drug abuse prevention efforts and impact Wisconsin’s public policies regarding access to alcohol, underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking and driving.

WIPPS staff facilitated the development of the coalition mission, vision, and structure; convened grant management team meetings, coalition building stakeholder workshops, task force meetings, and steering committee meetings; and developed and conducted public deliberations regarding the continuum of alcohol use/abuse. In addition, as part of a social awareness campaign for the November 2010 elections, WIPPS staff administered surveys and conducted interviews with diverse county stakeholders on the topic “Responsible Drinking in Our Culture”; convened a series of three community forums on this issue; wrote a summary report of these forums and distributed the report to local political candidates; and convened a candidate forum on the issues of alcohol, tobacco and drug use/abuse and mental health issues that included Wisconsin policy makers, community members, and the Marathon County Alcohol and Drug Partnership Council.