Community Policing in Wausau: There is still time to make your voice heard!

Participate in community-informed policing by sharing feedback about law enforcement in Wausau, submissions close March 1

The Wausau Policing Task Force is seeking input and feedback concerning experiences with law enforcement in the City of Wausau. The last virtual public listening event will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 4 PM via Zoom.

If you are not able to attend the virtual event, there are several other ways to share feedback online, including an anonymous online feedback form. Feedback will be accepted until March 1. To learn more and lend your voice, visit

“The reason we set up the Wausau Policing Task Force was to hear from our community and to ensure we’re meeting the needs of Wausau residents,” said Mayor Katie Rosenberg. “I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to drop into a listening session, answer a questionnaire, or call and leave a message so task force members have a solid understanding and direction for what community policing means here in Wausau.”

“I am extremely proud to be in law enforcement and, specifically, of the work done by the police officers of the Wausau Police Department,” said Wausau Chief of Police, Ben Bliven. “Our vision is to be regarded as the standard of excellence in policing. To seek continual improvement, we must engage in discussions about our strengths and weaknesses with the people we serve. This Task Force presents that opportunity.”

Responses will be shared with the WPTF and the City of Wausau to help assess and improve policing policies and practices. None of the information collected will be publicly linked to your name, identity, or other personal information. Those who are concerned with anonymity are encouraged to take the online questionnaire.

For more information contact: Eric Giordano at or 715-261-6388.