Marshfield Clinic Community Connections Team

The Marshfield Clinic Health System’s Community Connections Team (CCT) staff reached out to WIPPS Research Partners to carry out a three-year information-gathering project from 2019-2021 to meet grant compliance requirements and improve program processes and deliverables. The project consisted of a series of a series of evaluative focus groups with key stakeholders, including representatives from community-based organizations, CCT program volunteers, and patients served.

CCT enlists volunteers to connect patients with local resources to meet their needs and helps individuals and families improve their health and ultimately, their quality of life. Patients are screened during health care visits to identify areas of need, such as food, transportation, clothing, housing, utilities, and more. Today, the CCT program has expanded to multiple communities within the Marshfield Clinic Health System service area and collaborates with additional community partners, such as universities to help staff the program.

WIPPS-generated reports have been used by CCT to assess and improve program effectiveness and deliverables. In addition, the focus groups have been used to gain insights on what is working well and what CCT can do to as it prepares to expand the program to new communities.