11/10/20 Where to find some great story ideas

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Roger Utnehmer, Director
WIPPS Student Journalism Program
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RE: Where to find some great story ideas.

I thought I’d share suggestions passed on to our students.  Feel free to add to the list or make comments.  Your input is welcome.

I’m happy to report interest in increasing from students.  We’re also happy to report that several new media partners are advertising for student participants, including our first Hispanic radio station, La Movida in Madison.

One of the major benefits of your participation in the WIPPS student journalism program is the opportunity to give voice to those who are often under-represented in the media.

Hard News:

…Covid: How is your school and/or your community coping? How is Covid impacting education? Do students feel they are getting the quality instruction they need? Are students confident that the recently-announced Pfizer vaccine will be accepted by the general public?

…Election: Are minority students in your school optimistic that the Biden-Harris win will result in more inclusion and acceptance people of color? Is racism a problem in your school/community? What can be done to create more diversity?

Lifestyle News:

…How are various clubs and organizations functioning in your school during Covid? What are the interesting clubs and organizations in your school? Athletics is often covered but students, parents, and taxpayers may be interested in knowing about non-athletic programs that are operating in area schools.

Local Business News:

…How are popular restaurants meeting the challenges presented by Covid?

…How there examples of local businesses who have actually benefited by the change in lifestyle caused by Covid?

I will reach out to our Wausau area students with a specific local business news item suggested by one of our media partners this week.

I’m available by email or phone to talk about anything that can help.